How to use a laser level to align fence posts

If you plan to build a fence, you must pay attention to certain rules. The fence should be perfectly aligned, so the overall look is appealing. In order to achieve that, we can use the advantages of technology. A laser level is an ideal choice when we need to position fence posts in a proper way.

This tool will help us achieve the straight line for our fence, and more than anything else, a good laser level can save us a lot of time and effort in the whole process. Here are the things to consider when you want to build an ideal fence.

Tools to prepare

Before you start with the work, you should prepare the certain tools in order to make everything easier. The most important tools you will need are the following:

• Laser level
• Laser level detector
• Tripod
• Shovels
• Hand level
• Wood stakes
• Bracket
• Chalk

When you have everything prepared, you are good to go and build a solid fence. Only few steps are needed, and with the right tool, the process is much faster.

Mark the relevant points

The borders of your property and the borders of your neighbor’s property are the most important here. You do not want to put your fence in the area that is not yours, because you will need to rebuild everything again. In order to avoid that scenario, make sure that you measure everything correctly. Define the starting and the end point of your fence, and mark it with the chalk. Use a tripod and a laser level to determine the line. Place the laser level on the tripod where the head of the laser level takes a sideways position. A light beam will show on the ground, and that is the line of a future fence.

Note: If you want to secure the most accurate precision, pay attention to the quality of a laser level. Many websites online offer the complete laser level review with the guide how to choose the best product. Follow the instructions and make a decision about the most suitable laser level and laser tape measure tools.

Build a fence

It’s time to actually start building a fence. Use the laser level detector to adjust the bracket properly. Lock the bracket and hold the stake to define each fence post. If the stake is not perfectly positioned, you can move it right or left until you reach the exact detector’s position. This step is important because each fence post must be properly installed, so the overall fence construction can stand solidly.

When you put the wooden stakes in the right position, you are free to replace them with the fence posts. With the help of the laser level detector, you can determine the position of each fence post. Install the posts one by one until you complete the whole fence length. If you need to apply grouting for certain parts of the fence, make sure that you use a special grout removal tool that help you achieve a better looking material.

If the work is complete, take a look and see if everything is perfectly aligned. It will be clear how easy the fence building can be when you have the right tool. Enjoy in your property that is now adequately protected with the perfectly aligned fence.